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Have you tried butter London?

With plenty of sunny days ahead, chances are you will be wearing your favorite sandal or open-toed pump. This time of year I always feel like my toes need some TLC.

Here’s what I’m using today.

*butter London is offering LIMITED EDITION sets at a discount so you can try their polish and lip gloss.

My busy work schedule doesn’t allow me to get to the spa for a mani/pedi so I’ve found products that I can use at home that will keep my nails healthy.


1. Begin with a clean nail.  I use butter LONDON Scrubbers to remove my polish.   These 2-in-1 wipes are durable, individually wrapped and are gentle on the nail yet strong enough to remove polish.   Like all of butter London nail products counterparts the Scrubbers are free of formaldehyde, toluene and DBP.

2. Treat Cuticles.  I go easy on my cuticles and avoid cutting them.  Gently push back the cuticles after treating  them with “Melt Away” cuticle remover.

3. Always apply a basecoat.  Working in a Doctors office, my nails spend lots of time in soapy water and latex gloves which are both dehydrating.   I like these TWO products together for a really natural nail with no color.

4. Apply your favorite color beginning with one long stroke beginning at the cuticle on the center of the nail.  Follow up by applying more to the sides and then repeat for a second coat.

5.  Top coat is a must!   I apply a top coat a few minutes after the color goes on.  butter London has a variety of products to address your individual nail needs.

6. Keep your cuticles soft with this oil.  I usually keep some on my bedside table, along with a lotion for intense hydration.

I’m also loving the Lippy gloss!  It has a thicker consistency and keeps my lips hydrated.

xo Leslie

.. and for your pretty toes!

Sunday EDIT

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Hi Everyone!

Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite feminine picks for your Sunday morning. 

xo Leslie


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Climb that Mountain!




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 Happy Weekend Everyone!

If you’ve been following me for a while you know I enjoy exercising and I  consider myself fortunate that I am healthy and able to do so.  When I was pregnant with my first child I taught group exercise classes.  Back then  people told me that my baby might be small and that it wasn’t good to exercise while pregnant.  My doctor told me that I could do whatever I had been doing and to listen .. listen to my body and modify as needed.  Prior to announcing that I was “expecting” I overheard a few of my students say that it looked like I was putting on weight.  Yes, I was .. I was 4 months pregnant.  As my belly grew bigger, my movements became smaller and I modified my exercise to stay within a safe zone for me and my baby.  Following a Baby Moon, I was back at it.

It’s wonderful to see women today treating pregnancy as a healthy, normal condition rather than a time to treat the body like we would during illness.

Trail walking or running is wonderful exercise and if you can find a buddy to join you, even better!  Careful doing strenuous exercise if you aren’t accustomed to it as that’s when injuries can happen.

Today I continue to  modify as needed .. keeping my joints safe by wearing a good shoe and making sure I have correct form while in motion.  Indoor group exercise classes are also part of my regimen.  I enjoy the energy, music, and camaraderie with other women.

  Today I am wearing these amazing NIKE!  This is a very light weight and bright shoe (love all the colors!).   Because they run narrow, it’s best to go up a half or whole size.  Wearing the correct socks is also a good idea to avoid blisters.  Check out all of the NIKE clothing, HERE.

Water is important and so is the container you choose to drink it from.

bkr is my favorite water bottle.  They come in different colors and are easy to carry.  The bottle is glass so it does not begin to taste funny after repeated use as some of the plastic or other materials do.  The outer sleeve can be pulled off for cleaning.

It’s important to apply sunscreen prior to going outside.  I like GOOP as it absorbs easily and doesn’t irritate my skin if I begin to perspire.

.. and last, don’t forget to pack a snack!  I’ve been packing chia bars in my purse or pocket.  They are small, only a hundred-ten calories, and contain lots of Omega-3, protein, and fiber.  They are pricey to purchase at places like Whole Foods so I buy them on Amazon.

xo Leslie

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For Mom

mothers day

 Hi Everyone!

Today I am sharing some gift giving ideas for Mom.  I hope you find something that she will like:)

xo leslie


Mother’s Day is Sunday, May the 10th.

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