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Well hello Mr. Black Bear!  Yes, there she was .. looking for a snack on the trail;) 

Today I am coming to you from Canada and as you can see I am enjoying a morning run with my daughter.  I really do practice what I preach when it comes to health and wellness.  Many of us think we can’t but really though, we can.  Simple modifications can help when needed and age has nothing to do with it.   First off I want to say I am not a runner in a competitive sense.  My pace is actually  slow and because my family towers over me that means I’m usually in last place.  Secondly, I feel fortunate to be able to run and to do so in such a beautiful place. 

The best way to stay on track is to have an exercise partner.  If you aren’t feeling motivated, maybe your partner is and will offer up some encouragement to get you going.

Cool it Down

Today we a doing a few yoga poses to cool down.  Simple, easy, whatever feels good..


Replenish with water (my favorite water bottle) and a little snack.  Lucky for me my daughter stashed a KIND bar in her back pocket!  Our favorite is made with dark chocolate, nuts, and sea salt.  Nothing like a bit of dark chocolate in the morning!!

Active Wear

Obviously you should wear whatever you are comfortable in.  If you are running it feels good to have fitted clothes that breathe.  For walking, I’m usually wearing an oversized tee and capris or shorts.   Finding the right shoe is tough.  I’ve worn New Balance (generally good for a wider fit) and recently I’ve been wearing NIKE.

Life is a gift.

xo leslie

Peace & Ease


Serenity .. just saying the word takes me away.  Slowing down every now and then is a good idea and summer is an ideal time to relax and pamper your mind and body.  

Get outside and walk or run and then pour yourself a tall glass of cool lemon water and snack on one of these.

You might also enjoy lighting a candle and preparing a warm bath with calming Bath Salts followed by a cooling Muscle Gel to relax your bronzed legs.

Next – apply a  Body Lotion  that’s fortified with ingredients like Milk Thistle, Argon Oil, and Gotu Kola.  Soon your skin will appear more toned, supple, and hydrated.  Don’t feel like getting dressed just yet?  No problem;) Wrap up in a light robe like this one and pour yourself a cool iced tea or curl up with your favorite magazine or book.

I think I’ll get dressed now and this Champagne Maxi works for me .. summer bliss.  Are you feel-in it?


  Oceans Edge | Camisole  | Energy Bubbles | ILA Bath Salts | Muscle Gel  CamisoleSerenity Essential | Ceramic Canister | AESOP Balm | Eberjey Robe | Havaianas

A la naturale


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The other day a friend a friend came to me with a skin care question.  She said  that since the weather had gotten warmer her skin seemed to lack luster and her pores  were more prominent.  I offered assurance and suggested she change up her skin care regimen seasonally.   

Summertime calls for a lighter approach to skin care.  Think serums and light lotions and save the heavy, emollient creams for the cold dry winter months.

 Tata Harper

Tata’s line is 100% natural with non-toxic ingredients.  Each year a proprietary formula of herbs and flowers like Lavender, Alfalfa, Calendula, and Borage are used to create her skin care products.  NO outsourcing here! Everything comes straight from the farm.

Getting out to a spa for body treatments is not always an option for me so I search for products that can deliver the results so I don’t have to take time from my day.  A good scrub like Tata Harper’s Smoothing Body Scrub is so luxurious and works well slough off unwanted skin and may also be used prior to self tanning.

Another staple for dry or mature skin is the Repairative Moistuizer.  This product boosts hydration and minimizes wrinkles without clogging pores.  Ingredients are so yummy ;)  ..  it contains raw honey, mango butter and the antioxidant cocoa to heal, soften and nourish, leaving the skin supple and  soothed.  Unlike many products for dry or mature skin, this offers the moisture without being heavy and thick.

If you want to try the line without purchasing full sizes, purchase her Daily Essentials Set which includes enough product for 7 days.   This is also perfect for traveling!

xo leslie


Smoothing Body Scrub  | Fortifying Body Lotion

Complimentary Products

Soft Layers

I don’t know about you but this week seemed to fly by!   Vacations are being planned and kids are beginning their summer activities.  It’s fun to change things up a bit and I always enjoy the slower vibe of the summer season.

 With temperatures on the rise most of us will look for soft, breezy layers to wear for the next couple months. Soft layers are flattering on everyone and keep us cool.  This dress is perfect for a warm summer evening and as evening temperatures cool,  a soft sweater like this one is just the perfect weight to cover your sun-kissed shoulders. 

Don’t forget to apply just a drop of shimmer to your temples and on the apples of your cheeks to create a subtle summer glow.  Try Charlotte Tilbury  or  RMS …love this one!    Skip foundation and try a light tinted moisturizer instead like this one from  Estelle & Thild’s.  I love it because it addresses several concerns.   It’s light and soaks into your skin leaving you hydrated while providing a subtle wash of color.  I also like that it’s fortified with vitamins, aloe, hyaluronic acid and flower water.  You’ll notice a difference!


| 1 Blouse  2 |  Necklace  3 | Saint Laurent Bag    4 |  Dress    5 |  Soft Cup Triangle Bra

6 |  Charlotte Tilbury    7 |  Equipment Sweater   8| Sandal    9 |   Skirt   10 |  French Perfume   11 | Blush Bra

  12 |  Diptyque