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Untitled-5Labor Day is just around the corner and then it’s back to busy schedules, carpools, and appointments.   I know some of us already have kids back in school while others have another couple weeks.  Regardless, it’s bittersweet as we send our little (or big!) ones off to school.  

During the month of September I make a to-do list and at the top is to edit my wardrobe and organize my closet.  Slightly worn items are boxed and dropped off at our local homeless shelter and designer pieces that are in good condition are sold on eBay.   My tees and summer dresses get put away and I bring out my cashmere and cable knit sweaters.  Because they’ve been sitting a zipped bag for months, they need a good cleaning.   These items are taken to the cleaners or washed with a gentle detergent.  My favorite is The Laundress Shampoo for cashmere.   I try to shop sensibly choosing to spend a little more on timeless pieces and less on those items that are more trendy. 

What do you think about the fall trends?  Red is in!  Unfortunately it’s not the best color on me but maybe just a little pop of color would be fun.  A red bag or these pretty red pumps have me thinking..   Yes ladies,  those high waist jeans are back in and so are the wide legs.  A comfy fun look for fall is a warm sweater and booties, yes?  I’ve seen SO many jumpsuits recently and I really like this one.   This Vince dress is darling.  I like the modest knee midi length and deep V-neck … and don’t forget to add one of these gorgeous cardigans.

Check out Bobbi Brown’s new eye palette and gift with purchase.  It will be great for the fall!

xo leslie

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… soft chambray

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Some days are meant for the casual elegance of soft Chambray.  Used as a layering piece or belted this top is one of those basic pieces that looks great with flats (also check the JCrew selection) or boots.  A soft denim blouse is also a useful transitional piece for fall. Current Elliot   has a few options and I also like this one from Madwell.

As we approach our rainy season, Hunter boots are another basic item that gets lots of use.  If you follow me on instagram  you may have seen me wearing mine in the streams up in Canada.

xo leslie

mountain time


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We decided to squeeze in one more trip to Whistler before the end of summer.  Such a gorgeous spot!  I’ll be finishing my summer reading, hiking, running, and eating lots of hearty mountain food. Today the guys;) will be doing a little salmon fishing and I can’t wait to see what they catch! 

We spend lots of time outdoors walking and hiking so comfortable, supportive boots are a must.   Palladium boots combine style with function.  They are light weight and water proof and not too heavy to just walk around town. I found these in yellow and thought they would be fun for the end of the summer.  Other colors and styles are available.

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Tee: Good hyouman (I also love these) | Shorts: Anine Bing | Plaid Shirt: Anine Bing | Boots: Palladium | Polish Color: ESSIE | Lips: YSL | Eyes: YSL

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Like  skin, hair needs hydration and nourishment to keep it healthy.  There is no doubt that the less processing and heat to our hair the better. I’d like to say I’m one of those  gals that lets my hair air dry and keeps everything natural but that’s not the case.   My hair is completely unruly and requires serious intervention so I try to counter act that by using the best products I can find.     

Basic Hair Care

Don’t wash your hair too often.

To help with frizz, avoid towel drying your hair. Try allowing your hair to drip dry a little bit prior to blow drying.

Use a deep conditioner or hair mask every week or so.

Try to reduce the processing, heat, and sun exposure.  Protect your hair with a Shield Spray and wear a hat when you can.  UV rays aren’t good for processed hair.

   Use a soft paddle brush and wide tooth comb  to brush out your hair.  

My hair stylist recommended Davines a couple years ago to help me manage my dry, course hair.    I’ve tried SO many products and I always go back to this line.  Davines products are gentle and will help restore what’s lost during processing and drying.  The line is extensive and I like switching up my products to manage my hair needs.  Currently I am using the LOVE/Shampoo and conditioner.   MINU is also a favorite and I like the natural soft fragrance.  The SERUM can be used on wet or dry hair to help with hydration.  My hair loves this product! and it leaves zero residue.  I also like the spray Thermal Shield.  It’s great year round to protect your hair color from damaging UV rays. 

I am way over-due for a deep conditioning treatment so I’m ordering NouNou Nourishing Hair Mask to use after my last summer getaway.  This mask is nourishing and helps repair damaged or very dry hair and it’s ideal for bleached hair with highlights. It smells so good and makes my hair feel  soft and silky without weighing it down.

Conditioner: Davines Shampoo: Davines Melu Thermal Shield: Davines

Melu Serum: Davines  NouNou Hair Mask: Davines

xo leslie