Chocolate Splurge




 Tis the season for…



wishing and feeling peace


kissing, snuggling,

and enjoying traditions and finding the child within.










Today I’m sharing my HOT COCOA recipe!

 There are just a few ingredients and it’s so easy to make.   I hope you try it and let me know what you think. 

Don’t forget the peppermint stick!

 Peppermint Hot Chocolate

serves two

1 1/2 cups Milk

1/2 cup cream or half & half

1/2 cup Nestles Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips

Whip Cream or Marshmallow

Peppermint Stick

Optional: Cinnamon or shaved chocolate


On a low flame, melt chocolate chips in 1/4 cup cream making sure not to burn the chocolate.

When chocolate is melted, add the remaining cream and all of the milk.

When the above ingredients are well incorporated, pour 1/2 of the liquid in each mug (serves two).

Add whip cream or marshmallows and sprinkle with cinnamon or shaved chocolate.

Serve with a peppermint stick.


Red and White P.J’s : Nordstrom (similar)| All-Clad: William-Sonoma| Mug: Apilco

Start by gathering greens .. and a sneak peak



 December begins!

Are you ready?

This weekend we started by gathering greens at our local nursery and I’m sure I’ll be taking this gorgeous wreath home today.

Magnolia , berries, pine…

it all smells lovely doesn’t it?


 We were treated to our first snowfall (just a dusting by back East standards;) along with below freezing temperatures, so out came the boots, sweaters, and coats.


 YES .. we did move in last week

 AND YES  we had house guests.

I am thankful we had beds in the rooms and working bathrooms.

This is not a room reveal .. in fact I almost didn’t want to show anything because there is a lot left to complete and the look is not right..

 but I promised I’d show a couple photos so here they are.

If you follow me on instagram you will see progress there too!

I’ve got a nice size island and lots of storage and counter space.  The roman shades were put up just in time for my company and the long weekend.

I’ve got French doors off to the side that still need to be painted and window covers.  Two beige panels are waiting to go there to keep us cozy during the long and dark winter months.




We are unpacking and  I can’t find anything. 

I cleared counters and tried to tidy up to take a couple photos.

I’ve got a bathroom to paint, a living room that is not yet ready for a tree,

and many of my windows are waiting to be covered.


 My stove is here and I was thankful that it started right up and worked perfectly!




 One of my drawer FRONTS needed replacement .. it should be here soon.  My tile guy will be putting it backsplash everywhere ~ including around my sink and window.

I’m waiting for hanging bell jars, wine cooler, and more appliance installation……….

I’ve got lots of spaces to decorate and have no idea what to do or where to begin.

In the meantime, I’m going to carry on and get ready for all of the fun ahead during the month of December.

I hope you enjoyed the long Thanksgiving weekend with family and friends.

Let’s ease into the season shall we?


Window Treatments: Schumacher / The Enchanted Home  / Stove: Ilve / Sink: Shaws Original

Jeans: Nordstrom / Boots: Nordstrom

Cozy Days


Oh how I love to cozy up in a soft sweater!

What’s your pleasure?

Cashmere, wool-blend, chunky knit?





Soft cable gray and gorgeous soft blush …..

love them both!




Rag and Bone


I can’t pass up this soft colorblock  cashmere crewneck   It’s on sale and perfect for a casual dinner party at home over the holidays.

Leggings or jeans with a relaxed fit and a cozy sweater is perfect for Thanksgiving don’t you think?

Speaking of cozy.. isn’t this sweet?


000060 hello lovely studio pom pom wreath

It’s natural linen and pom poms .. that’s it.  

” fluffy wreaths are more ‘hushed wintry décor’

They whisper ‘peace to you…let’s cozy on down.”


Fluffy White Holiday Fur Wreath


Southern Boy Dishes




Smitten kitchen



The Pioneer Woman

  I thought I’d share a couple recipes that might be perfect for Thanksgiving Day dessert.   Pumpkin Pie is a tradition here and in honor of my Dad we will be serving his favorite, Pecan Pie.  He was born and raised in New Orleans and I want to keep some of the Southern favorites a tradition in my home.

House update:

We move furniture in Saturday and the plan is for my kitchen to be fully functional by Friday the 21,  just in time for Thanksgiving!  Cross your fingers for me because as luck would have it, we are having issues with our contractor (what a surprise, right?).

What a journey this building project has been and I’m exhausted and so thankful to have this nearing the end.  With the holidays upon us, company coming, and parties to host, I have daily anxiety attacks as to how all this will get done.

..deep breath..

 There are a few photos of the house on my Instagram and I’ll be sharing parts of my kitchen on the blog soon:)


Vince Sweater: Nordstrom| Rag and Bone Sweater: NET-A-PORTER | Vince Colorblock Sweater: Nordstrom| Smitten Kitchen Cookbook: Where to buy|

Fluffy Holiday Wreath: Etsy

Drama After Dark



Hi Everyone!

This is such a fun time of year with all of the entertaining and parties coming up.  Are you adding a few new items to your make up bag and wardrobe?



dwdw1019_black_full 3



3.1 Phillip Lim for NARS Nail Polish (Limited Edition)










I’m totally falling for this season’s dramatic looks!    It’s LBD meets Gothic Romance with lots of leather, lace panels and any type of fabric you can imagine. To that,  add a pretty pump or studded bootie and you are right on trend.

  I believe the sexiest women are those that leave an air of mystery by concealing and revealing just a little.

Complete your look by adding the perfect make up.

 I decided to try a darker polish for the fall and  I’m loving it!   I’ll be trying this NARS polish and for the lips, I’m starting with my favorite lip balm and will follow it up with something darker than my usual shade.

If I go darker, there is a trick to making it look softer.  I use a lip brush or the tip of my ring finger to apply just the right amount. The result is a very pretty natural look.

For precision, my favorite liquid liner is from  Chantecaille.   If black is a bit too much, go for the dark brown.

Feel pretty!


Dresses: OTTE/ NARS: Nordstrom/ Terry: Barneys/MAC: Nordstrom/ Chantelcaille: Nordstrom